The Central Bank of Kenya produces regular reports on economic activity; of particular interest are their Monthly Economic Review, updates on Remittances from Diaspora and their page on Kenyans Abroad.

Useful and much interesting reporting can also be found at the Kenya Economic Update section of the World Bank website. Kenya and the IMF on the International Monetary Fund website is another rich source of information and data on Kenya’s financial position. Produced jointly by the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank Doing Business – Kenya has a wealth of detailed information on topics ranging from electricity supplies and obtaining credit to investor protection and enforcement of contracts.

The CIA produces the World Factbooks series, which are useful reference guides for various countries around the world; it also produces the Kenya Factbook.

The Government of Kenya’s Ministry of Tourism website has useful links to various associations involved in different sectors of the tourism economy.

Kenya is primarily an agricultural country and the websites of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute include a huge array of helpful and interesting information, including video clips; they also act as portals for various other useful links in this area.