Mr Raval is one of the founding members of the Kenya Society and has been in the Committee since its inception in 1989. During the 30th Anniversary AGM, Girish opted to take an early retirement and now supports the Society as a Member and Vice Patron.

Girish has deep rooted links to Kenya where he worked for the government in Nairobi, Kenya, for 12 years before turning to business. He has a strong history of connectivity with East, Southern and West African public and private sectors. He is currently a Director at AIMEX Focus Ltd, an expert in international trade and negotiations with more than 40 years of experience in export/ import of fabrics, leather goods and drinks.

He was extensively involved in the development of FAATIS concept – Annual African Tourism Investment Summit with the World Bank Group/IMF Africa Club and other groups in Washington DC, UK and Africa.  As Director of Finance during the period, he helped to negotiate sponsorships with airlines and some big companies. He led delegations to East and Central Africa to discuss with the ministries of tourism their role in FAATIS.

As a strong supporter of charitable causes, Girish has served as President of Rotary Club of Westminster West District 1130 a couple of times and continues to support charitable deeds to various African and Asian communities on the continents where possible.