The Late Girish Raval (1942-2020)


Dear members and friends of the Kenya Society,

When I last wrote to you it was just before lockdown and I thought Patricia and I would be going to Kenya. But,  with the restrictions, we never made it! So, my first point is that I hope you and your families are all well and safe– and that your friends and relatives in Kenya are safe too. Very sadly – as reported earlier in the week – we lost a member, Wangula Khasiani, to Covid-19 on Saturday 26th April 2020.

Kenya Needs Your Help!

My second point is – what can we do for Kenya during this awful pandemic which we know will affect Kenyans in so many different ways?  In response to this challenge, I want to launch a Kenya Society appeal to assist the most disadvantaged in Kenya and bring some relief to them.  So with the invaluable support of my Deputy Chairman, Juvenal Shiundu – who is in Kenya – and our Society Secretary, Pamela Chesire, we have researched and agreed that we link up with a Rotary initiative in memory of one of the most dedicated founder members of our Society, Girish Raval whom you know we lost in recent weeks.

Patron of the Girish Raval Fund

Girish was a strong Rotarian and former President and Treasurer of the Rotary Club of Westminster West. I have suggested to your Committee and consulted with the Raval family that we therefore call our Society fundraising effort, the Girish Raval Fund, with the money raised being directed towards the programme run by Rotary District 9212, which is already doing outstanding work to counter Covid-19 in Kenya. In this regard, I am delighted to announce that Waithiegeni Kanguru-Esipisu, wife of High Commissioner Manoah Esipisu, has graciously accepted to be Patron of the Fund and sent her personal message to you.

Partnership with Rotary District 9212

Rotary District 9212 activities cover the setting up of handwashing stations in disadvantaged areas, the distribution of food hampers to impoverished families, and the provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The programme has been inspired by well-known publisher Susan Wakhungu-Githuku, who is the niece of Hon Moody-Awori, and is being managed by Geeta Manek, a committed humanitarian and veteran Rotarian. For a start your Committee has agreed to contribute £2,000 from Kenya Society funds.

In the spirit of ‘Harambee’

If you could join this charitable effort to save lives, you may be guided by the shopping list below. Please note that there is no restriction on the fund amount and any donation would be gratefully received.

Donate today!

Due to the urgency of the situation, please send your donations via online bank transfer to the Kenya Society account marking them specifically for the “Girish Raval Fund” (GRF). For non members, please complete the online contact form stating your full name, email address, contribution amount and payment date to enable us trace your donation and acknowledge receipt. The bank details are:


The fundraising appeal is open to all members and friends of the Society as we join hands with our brothers and sisters in Kenya to try to limit the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic from inflicting the most impoverished families living in informal settlements. We hope to raise a substantial amount that would continue the generous charitable legacy Girish has left.

My heartfelt appreciation for your steadfast and generous support at this time.

Stay well,