Launched in 2006, Chonjo is a slick bi-monthly that provides news from Lamu, Malindi and Wataamu; it is particularly useful for  news about the proposed major development planned for Lamu.

Kwani?, associated with the iconic writer Binyavanga Wainaina, is the only literary magazine of note in Kenya and continues to attract young, new literary talent. (Wainaina’s classic essay How to Write about Africa is available from Granta online).

For coverage of legal/political issues, Nairobi Law Monthly continues to be well-regarded. Old Africa records social history from around East Africa with a nostalgic look back. Published thrice a year, the periodical, AwaaZ started life focussing on Kenya’s communities from the Indian sub-continent, but now increasingly covers mainstream contemporary issues.

‘Kenya Past and Present’ published annually since 1971 has no online presence, but all articles published in its pages can be searched on AfricaBib, a periodicals bibliography database for the whole of Africa.