Kenya’s three dailies in English are the Daily Nation, the Standard and the Star. Launched in 2007, Business Daily provides news and analysis on business and finance 5 days a week.

Kenya’s only national daily in Swahili is the Taifa Leo, which is not, as often assumed, a Swahili version of the Daily Nation, but focuses on human interest stories targeted at its core readership.

The East African offers a more considered weekly analysis of news and events. The weekly Coastweek offers lively coverage of news and events in Mombasa; it has a particularly interesting Obituaries section.

Major television channels, most offering online viewing, are KTN, NTV and Citizen TV. The venerable Kenya Broadcasting Corporation continues to offer national radio and television channels.

The Daily Nation, Business Daily, Taifa Leo and NTV are all part of the Nation Media Group, which has a portfolio of news media companies in other East African territories as well.

International news stories in Swahili can be read on the BBC Swahili news page. The BBC also offers a range of programmes on Africa which can be heard online and accessed through their Africa page.

A vast amount of information is now available on the Internet, allowing us all to keep abreast of news and trends. Here is a small selection of links to websites on the Internet for those with an interest in Kenya.

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