Nyumbani was founded in 1992 by the late Father Angelo D’Agostino, a physician, psychiatrist and Jesuit priest. Nyumbani is the result of his dream to address the challenges caused by the tragic loss of an entire generation to the AIDs pandemic in Kenya. His search for practical and sustainable solutions to one of the worst tragedies in human history has gained attention worldwide.

Nyumbani runs three programs in Kenya, helping over 25,000 children over the past 27 years and employing over 300 staff across these programs.

Nyumbani Village

An entire village for over 1,000 orphans and elders built from scratch three hours outside Nairobi providing education, housing and community to enable students to progress from a young age through to tertiary education, secure a successful job or even set up their own business.

Nyumbani Children’s home

Caring for 120 orphaned children who are HIV+, giving the best nutritional, medical, psychological and academic care available and living at Nyumbani Children’s Home until they enter adulthood and are self-reliant.

Lea Toto

Assisting 4,000 HIV+ children living within eight slums across Nairobi, providing food, uniforms, books and school fees as well as medical care including access to anti-retroviral drugs and counselling.

The UK Board partners with other international boards from the US, Spain, Ireland, Italy and the Kenyan board to raise awareness and funds for the children of Nyumbani.  The UK’s mandate is to provide the support needed for the education of these children in the three Village schools and a child sponsorship program.

Our first Kenyan Society Member was Sally Patterson, one of our board members who has been a member since 1994.  Our current Chairperson, Celeste Shirvani, is now also among the members of the Society.

We very much enjoy and appreciate others with connections to Kenya.  It gives us great insight as to the importance of our work is in Kenya and to learn from others who have spent time in Kenya.  We hope to continue to use those connections to give back to life in Kenya.

One of the most memorable events was the recent Karibu Balozi Reception welcoming the current High Commissioner, HE Manoah Esipisu.  What a joyous event, full of the spirit of Kenya and the chance to meet so many new people and connect with old friends.  We definitely recommend to others to join the Kenya Society!

Website: http://www.nyumbani.org.uk/