Dear Friends and Members of The Kenya Society,

By 2050, Kenya’s estimated population will be close to 98 million from around 51 million today. What will be the impact of this increase in population expansion, which already traps so many Kenyans in poverty and drives environmental destruction? And, crucially, is Kenya facing up to the challenges?

Kenya Society member Robin Witt, founder of Community Health and Sustainable Environment (CHASE) Africa, will examine the issues and potential solutions. You may visit the CHASE Africa website to learn more about the charity’s operations in Kenya.

Robin first visited Kenya in 1976, when the population was 14 million. He started a tree planting programme – the Rift Valley Tree Trust – in 2000 before deciding that family planning lay at the heart of the country’s many environmental problems: one of the primary drivers of forest loss being Kenya’s rapidly growing population. So he changed the name of his charity to CHASE for a more focused and direct approach to this vital subject.

Robin’s talk will be followed by questions and answers in what should be a lively discussion – often seen as a controversial issue. But its importance to the country’s future cannot be over-estimated.

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We look forward to welcoming you to the Winter Talk entitled, “Kenya and the Population Conundrum”.